Caller ID Device

Our caller id software which enables you to recognize your customer details before taking the call.

Advantages of Caller ID :-

  • Vital information can be collected about your customer.
  • Works on multiple computers.
  • Add as many options as you want.
  • Expandable to monitor multiple phone lines.
  • Reduce phone misuse.
  • Does not load phone line.
  • Does not lower the voice volume.
  • Identify repeat callers.
  • Complete customer order faster.
  • Increase Sales.
  • Does not load lower the voice volume level.
  • Does not introduce crosstalk between line.

Uses of Caller ID :-

  • Sales Management
  • Contact Management
  • Telephone usage analysis and management
  • PC/Telephone integration.
  • Date, Time, Postcode, Name, Address, Duration and whatever customer need can be integrated as well.

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